Fulfilling ones potential is one of the keys to happiness. At ASK PIP charity, we provide bespoke educational support for children and young people as an alternative provision where classroom-based learning has not been successful. This is to ensure that our leaders of tomorrow are given another chance at fulfilling their potential.
During the application process, our students are assessed, and it is through this assessment, a bespoke educational plan is developed specifically to the needs of the student.
Where education on the main subject areas may not be suitable for the young person or child, they will be enrolled on our bespoke resilience programme called “ACE the RACE”┬áMore information about this programme can be read here.

Student will be allocated a number of tutoring support sessions. This will either be on a 1-1 student to tutor ratio or a small group of no more than 3 to 1 student to tutor ratio. All our tutors/teachers are qualified and/or experienced in the field of education and in the subject area in which they teach. They are DBS checked and must adhere to our safeguarding policy.
We aim to inspire, motivate and help develop vulnerable children and young people so they are given another chance to thrive holistically.