The Charity governance represents a set of standard for good practice of which all charities should aspire to achieve. 

Governance are the “systems and processes concerned with ensuring the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of an organisation.” (The Governance of Voluntary Organisations, Cornforth 2003)

Our Board Members

Tai Ania – Chair of Trustee

Tai Ania is the Chair of Trustee for the ASK PIP Charity. She brings over twenty years of experience as an educator, coach, mentor and leader. Tai has always wanted a job that makes a tangible difference in the lives of those around her. This is why she has embraced teaching as her passion.

Seeing pupils grasp concepts they had struggled with or a child who had previously struggled socially develop strong friendships brings her joy. Teaching is more than a job for Tai, it’s her vocation.

“It is an enormous privilege to be a member of the board of trustees of ‘Ask PIP’ and I am excited to have the opportunity to apply my professional expertise in the field of education to something I am passionate about; supporting children and young people to achieve their academic potential.”

Peace Anumah – Founder and Secretary of Trustee

Peace Anumah is the Founder of the ASK PIP Charity. She is also the secretary for the charity. She brings over eighteen years of experience as a psychotherapist, mental health advocate, coach, mentor and trainer.

Peace has the passion and experience to work with vulnerable children and young people in the care system or are children in need. Supporting social workers, local authorities, virtual schools, foster parents and educators.

“My passion for helping vulnerable children and young people led me to set up this charity. One size doesn’t fit all. Not every child will learn in a classroom environment, and that’s ok. We must provide an alternative learning method to give our children and young people another chance to fulfil their full potential.”

Lollita Masuku – Treasurer of Trustee

Lollita Masuku is the Treasurer for the ASK PIP Charity. As a qualified children’s social worker, she brings with her over five years of expertise and knowledge from being a safeguarding and quality assurance officer. As a parochial church council member, she brings with her effective transferrable skills, which are useful for the ASK PIP Charity. 

She has supported children and families through social care and the family court system. And has helped children at risk of sexual and criminal exploitation as well as children and young people and parents with mental ill health.

Creating a better world starts by creating an environment that inspires children and young people to thrive.

“Joining the board of this charity made sense to me because we can start to offer an outlet for children and young people across our area, to ensure they have another opportunity to thrive. I believe that the best results come from true collaboration, finding solutions to challenges and working together so that whatever we create is our responsibility, progress and success. There is so much to do, and I believe that it’s only together we will start to progress forward.”

Josette Kennington – Vice Chair of Trustee

Josette Kennington is the Vice Chair for the ASK PIP Charity. She brings with her over nineteen years of experience working and supporting children and young people with special educational needs and children that are at risk of exclusions.

Josette, is also passionate about children receiving an education that meets their needs with therapeutic support embedded where needed. She is a keen advocate for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, having chaired and been a vice chair of an Equality and Diversity network group.

“I want to ensure children and young people get equity to help them overcome hurdles that society creates for them.  ASK PIP Charity is striving to help those let down by systems that should educate and protect them, and I am proud to be a trustee of such a charity.”

David Anumah – Trustee Board Member

David Anumah is a board member for the ASK PIP Charity. He brings over fifteen years of experience as a mentor to young boys aged thirteen and nineteen; and as a coach supporting individuals aged six to forty-five. As a keen data scientist and digital marketing expert, David brings his knowledge in this field to help with Charity’s long-term goal and online presence. His IT and web development expertise will be advantageous to the team. Additionally, his discipleship, leadership, mentoring, and youth work will highly benefit the service users of this Charity. 

“I believe there is value in investing in children and young people. I have dedicated a significant part of my life to working with them to empower them and inspire them to learn, grow and discover themselves in a safe, fun and caring environment. I believe in motivating children and young people to see their full potential so that their lives can be transformed academically, mentally, spiritually and physically. It is an honour to be able to do this for ASK PIP Charity.”