There is nothing more demoralizing for a young person than wanting to job, but not having the experience, or not knowing what field you want to work in. When young people have a chance to thrive, this can be life changing. Which is why at ASK PIP Charity, we utilize local employers and organisations by collaborating with them in providing effective training and work experiences for young people. Helping them to figure out their passion and skills.

We help by providing support with:
– CV preparation
– Interview preparation
– Placement/skilled workshop
– Work experience

Everyone that comes in contact with young people that use our service are required to be DBS checked, adhere to our risk management and safeguarding policy and must have the required insurance to support our young people.

Our aim is to:
– Protect young people from organised crime.
– Protect them from exploitation
– Tackle homelessness
– Provide them with another chance at being employable citizens with a revived ambition and plan for their future.